Lynda - Illustrator for Fashion Design
Lynda - Illustrator for Fashion Design

Lynda – Illustrator for Fashion Design (Drawing Flats)

Empece – Learn to draw detailed technical flats for the fashion industry using Adobe Illustrator. In this course, author Robin Schneider teaches you how to master the Pen tool, using a simplified approach so you can put your energy into designing. She walks you through drawing shirts, pants, skirts, and blazers and shows you how to maximize the power of Illustrator with Pathfinder, custom brushes and symbols, and layers for quick and easy editing. Robin also shows you how to draw and render croquis (live models) complete with facial features and hair.

Topics include:

What is a flat?
Scaling, rotating, and duplicating shapes
Simplifying and mastering the Pen tool to get you up and running quickly
Drawing shirts with sleeves, collars, and placket details
Drawing skirts, trousers, and jeans
Using custom brushes to add stitching and trim quickly
Creating and using symbols for buttons, zipper pulls, and drawstrings
Drawing and rendering croquis with faces and hair
Creating professional quality layouts

Table of Contents

IFDDF – Introduction
Using the exercise files
Working with older versions of Illustrator
What is a flat?

IFDDF – 1. Getting Started: Overview of Basic Illustrator Tools
Exploring the workspace
Using selection tools
Drawing shapes
Using color
Using the Layers panel
Using the Rotate tool and duplicating objects
Using the Pen tool
Using the Reflect tool and joining paths
Using Pathfinder

IFDDF – 2. Drawing a Basic T-Shirt
Placing a template
Drawing the bodice
Adding the back neckline
Adding sleeves
Organizing the Layers panel
Drawing the back view
Perfecting the flat
Adding stitching

IFDDF – 3. Drawing a Button-Down Shirt
The parts of a shirt and collar
Drawing a collar
Adding the front placket
Adding sleeves with cuffs
Adding a yoke
Adding buttons
Drawing the back view of the button down
Adding the sleeve placket
Drawing a fitted shirt with princess seams

IFDDF – 4. Drawing Skirts
Understanding how fabric drapes
Setting up guides
Drawing a skirt
Adding details to the skirt
Drawing the back view of the skirt

IFDDF – 5. Drawing a Blazer
The parts of a blazer
Drawing the lapels
Drawing the blazer front
Adding details to the blazer
Drawing the blazer back

IFDDF – 6. Creating Custom Brushes
Types of brushes
Using and editing brushes
Creating a double-needle top stitch
Making a zigzag brush
Making an overlock brush
Making a zipper brush
Saving and loading brushes

IFDDF – 7. Creating Custom Symbols
The benefits of using symbols
Creating rivet and eyelet symbols
Creating a basic button symbol
Creating a zipper pull symbol
Creating buttonhole symbols
Creating bar tack symbols
Creating symbols for drawstrings and lacing
Using the Blob Brush to create drawstrings and lacing
Saving and loading symbols

IFDDF – 8. Drawing Pants
Drawing trousers
Adding cuffs to pants
Drawing the back view of trousers
Drawing jeans
Drawing the back view of jeans

IFDDF – 9. Drawing Croquis
Tracing a croquis with the Pen tool
Filling and rendering a croquis
Drawing eyes
Drawing a mouth
Adding a nose
Adding highlights and shading
Drawing hair

IFDDF – 10. Presenting and Sharing Your Flats
Presentation and layout styles
Saving for print and email
Next steps
Using the Instructor Guide
How to use the Instructor’s Guide

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